Plenaries and Interactives


A Plenary is a 25 minute (plus 5 minutes for questions) presentation. Plenary presentations will occur within themed sessions of the main meeting to audiences ranging from 100 to 400 delegates. Such presentations might include original research, topic reviews or literature summaries. A full plenary session consisting of several presenters will last 90 or 120 minutes.

Interactives can be 60, 90 or 120 minutes in duration. They will generally be held in a room for up to 150 people set banquet style to encourage discussion, debate and cross table conversation. We anticipate such a format will work well for case discussions, sharing of novel ideas, consideration of difficult problems and debate on controversial areas. Workshops are different to interactives as they will be longer still, and held outside of the 4 main days of the ASM.

Group Plenaries or Interactives follow the same format and durations as outlined above but are specifically designed for special interest groups that want to fill and provide a whole themed session. Such a proposal could come from formal college groups, committees or other groups within the broader emergency medicine community.

Scientific Abstracts allow 10 minutes presentation time, plus 5 minutes for questions when presented orally. Abstracts may also be submitted for poster presentation only (or for both). Submissions are expected to follow the traditional objective, methods, results, conclusions format.

Important Dates

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19 November 2017

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