Improving outcomes in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

For Professor Judith Finn, as Director of the Australian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (Aus-ROC) she is particularly focused on strategies to improve outcomes for cardiac arrest patients.

Professor Finn will be presenting at this month’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Perth.

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Clinical trials

In her session, which will take place on Monday, November 19, Professor Finn will talk about important resuscitation trials and Aus-ROC.

Aus-ROC aims to increase research capacity in the area of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

“In my presentation I will discuss some key clinical trials with an emphasis on research that has been ‘controversial’ and/or changed clinical policy/practice,” said Professor Finn, who is the Director of the Prehospital, Resuscitation and Emergency Care Research Unit (PRECRU) at Curtin University.

Professor Finn added that she is “eager” to hear about “exciting” new research in the field of emergency medicine throughout the meeting.

“I work with a number of emergency physicians on research projects, so I am always fascinated by the interrelatedness of prehospital care and emergency medicine,” she said.